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The end of apps is here. Long live chatbots! Madhumita Murgia, The Telegraph

What's the deal with TeleX AI?

The era of convenience and simplicity

Desktop applications to webapps, and then to mobile apps are how the evolution of interfaces have proceed. And now the 21st century is ready for another breaking point, the chatbot revolution! "Experts bet on artificial intelligence and chatbots," says a Forbes article on 2017's user experience trends. New generations do no longer want to tackle with complex interfaces for simple tasks. We live in a technological age where people send money by talking to Siri/Genie. If you can deal with fiat like that, why not trade crypto?

Cutting edge technologies hand in hand

TeleX AI brings top trends and novelties together. It is now possible to deal cryptocurrencies without installing a new platform or signing up a website. "Telex, show me the top gainers," or "What are the hottest ICOs?" will be the things that the artificial intelligence engine will understand, interpret and act accordingly. TeleX AI is opening a new path to bring the cryptocurrency markets at your finger tips.

What can you do with TeleX AI right now?


TeleX AI offers the easiest way to store your bitcoins and ethers.


You may send and receive cryptocurrencies instantly with no fee.


Cryptocurrency trading requires no more than just chatting with the bot.

A Simple User Manual

TeleX AI lives on Telegram, the best instant messaging app out there. If you don't have a Telegram account, we urge you to open one; you won't regret.

Download Telegram

You may find TeleX AI on Telegram by searching for the username " telexaibot", or by clicking the link below.

Click "START" to initiate the conversation, and carefully read the terms and conditions before you click "Agree". After that, you are ready to fund your account!

Use the "/deposit" command to see your BTC and ETH deposit addresses, and send coins to those addresses. After the transaction gets enough number of confirmations, your TeleX AI account will be credited.

To withdraw coins from your TeleX AI account to another wallet or exchange, use the "/withdraw" command. TeleX AI will ask you which coin you would like to withdraw, and the amount, and process your withdrawal immediately.

You may send coins to other TeleX AI users immediately with no fee. Simply write "/send" to the bot to initiate the process. You will be asked to provide the receiver's ID. The receiver may learn their ID by the "/id" command.

TeleX AI offers the simplest possible interface to trade cryptocurrencies. Currently, there is only the ETH/BTC market. It means that currently you may buy ETH with BTC, and sell ETH for BTC.

To buy ETH, all you need to do is to write "/buy <amount> ETH". For example, if you want to buy 10 ETH, you will write "/buy 10 ETH". The order is given at the current market price and your account is credited immediately.

Likewise, to sell ETH in exchange of BTC, just write "/sell <amount> ETH". For example, if you want to sell 10 ETH, you will write "/sell 10 ETH".

The command "/help" will list the available bot commands and their description.

The command "/id" will display your TeleX AI account ID.

The command "/balance" will display your current balances.

The command "/price" will display the market prices at that time.

Next-generation currencies are worthy of a next-generation interface, and TeleX AI does its best to meet the developing needs of the 21st century trader.

Get Free Tokens for Joining our Mailing List

Join the airdrop, we're giving away $75,000 worth of tokens!

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Token Presale (ICO)

What is a TeleX AI token?

Currently, TeleX AI doesn't charge any fee for its services. After the token sale, each trade will cost a fee to be paid in TeleX AI tokens. Thus, the tokens are TeleX AI's main source of renevue.

Why should I join the TeleX AI token presale?

The tokens will be for sale as long as TeleX AI is operative. However, joining the presale will give you a chance to grab some cheap tokens so that you may use TeleX AI in the future less costly.

When will the token presale be held?

It is scheduled to begin on November 21st, 2017. Please join us at our Telegram group (see below for the contact information) to be among the first to get notified about updates and details.

TeleX AI got 91% Low Risk score at an independent audit report.

Q & A with Can Soysal, the Managing Director of TeleX AI




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The Team Behind TeleX AI

Can Soysal

Managing Director

Vaughn Murphy

Marketing Manager

Nathan Sharp

Independent Director

Chad Nelson

Lead Developer

Vitaliy Ivanov

Backend Developer

Get Free Tokens for Joining our Mailing List

Join the airdrop, we're giving away $75,000 worth of tokens!

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